Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HBS 2+2 Program and the GRE

A handful of top MBA programs, including Stanford and MIT Sloan, have started to accepted the GRE in the admissions process. Now, one more big name plans to start accepting the exam: Harvard has announced that it will accept the GRE for HBS 2+2 Program applicants starting this year.

This is consistent with the strategic aim of the HBS 2+2 Program -- to attract more applicants who may otherwise not have considered pursuing an MBA. While many top business schools compete with HBS for high-potential applicants, HBS sees other top grad programs as their main competition for top young talent. Accepting the GRE allows HBS to attract more high-caliber applicants who may not have originally planned on pursuing a business education.

Note that, although the Forbes article makes it sound as thought HBS will only accept the GRE for the 2+2 Program, it will actually accept both. (See the HBS admissions FAQ.) If you already have a strong GMAT score, then don't even worry about the GRE. Also, this change only applies to the HBS 2+2 Program; right now Harvard's traditional MBA program still only accepts the GMAT.

If you are a college undergrad and may eventually want to pursue a Harvard MBA, read about the HBS 2+2 Program's admissions essays and deadlines on our blog.